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Employment – Age Discrimination

Type of Action – Age Discrimination

Type of Injuries – Potential lost income after termination date

Name of Case – Confidential

Court/Case No. – Case settled before filed

Awarded or Settled – Settled

Amount – $15,645.00; 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice ($2,360.00)

Attorney for Plaintiff - Clara A. Williamson, Alexandria

Other Useful Information – Plaintiff had been a salesman for a company for 14 years. He was 47 and was the only salesman in the office who was over 40. Company had begun practice of hiring salesmen in their mid 20s. Plaintiff was advised in early July that his sales were down and was given until the end of September to meet certain minimum standards established by the company. The company did not wait until the end of September, but rather abruptly terminated him on Aug. 20, 1997, effective Oct. 1, 1997. Based upon the most recent nationwide statistics on sales volume, he ranked in the top 50% in the nation. In terms of national ranking, he was tied with another salesman in the office who was 37 years of age and whose termination had not been proposed.

In addition to $15,645.00 severance pay and $2,360.00, 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice, the company agreed to a provision in the agreement requiring that any calls from prospective employers he referred to one specific individual who will not disseminate any adverse information of any kind concerning him. He remains free to apply for unemployment compensation if he chooses to do so.


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