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Mail, We Get Mail

The item in the July 22 “Hearsay” column entitled “A Statue with Limitations” prompted a letter from Tamara McNulty of Arlington:

“I read your recent article regarding the statue of Lady Justice on the front of the Alexandria U.S. District Courthouse with some amusement.

“I have always thought that the artist who designed it had a sense of irony. The plaque on the front of this Courthouse reads: “Justice Delayed Justice Denied,” not “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”

She added, “Also, depicted below Lady Justice is the story of the tortoise and the hare and, as we all remember from our childhood, it is the slow and steady tortoise that wins the race. I find this funny every time I enter the courthouse where they pride themselves on speedy justice and are known as the ‘Rocket Docket.’”

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