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Largest Verdicts of 2005 (363946)

#7 – $3 million

Wood v. S.C. Jones Inc. and Young

Type of case: Civil – negligence

Court: Hampton Circuit Court

Attorneys: Carlton F. Bennett and Catherine MacLean Six, Virginia Beach

Summary: In this case, a woman who had received a minor brain injury when a dump truck turned in front of her received a $3 million jury verdict after she quit her pharmacy job because of mental and physical problems.

The woman originally had returned to work after taking six months off, and proceeded to work for four years while allegedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, post-concussion syndrome and constant physical pain.

Both lawyers for the plaintiff said that case boiled down to the believability of the plaintiff, who had led a hard life.

The plaintiff’s team originally asked jurors for $9 million but a high-low agreement was reached prior to verdict and the plaintiff received significantly less than the $3 million jury verdict.

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