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Largest Defense Verdicts of 2005 (364991)

#12 – $1.1 million

Mallison v. Doe

Largest demand: $1,100,000

Highest offer: None

Type of case: Medical malpractice

Case name: Mallinson v. Doe

Court: Circuit Court of Fairfax

Attorneys: M. Pierce Rucker and Kenneth T. Roeber, Richmond

Summary: This case was noteworthy for being one of the first held in the high-tech Courtroom 5-E in Fairfax County, and marking the first time that Archie MD 3-D graphic movies were shown to a jury in Virginia.

It involved an allegation of negligent management of a patient presenting to an emergency department in atrial fibrillation and rapid ventricular response. The patient wound up with severe and permanent disability due to two intracerebral hemorrhages. The plaintiff’s team alleged that the hemorrhage was worsened by the treating emergency physician’s administration of Heparin without clearing him with a head CT.

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