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If you knew Jon Stewart?

The folks at the College of William & Mary are right proud of Jon Stewart, a member of the class of 1984 and the hip host of “The Daily Show.”

Go down to Williamsburg for a session with the admissions staff at the College of Knowledge, and you’ll hear Stewart’s name mentioned. More than once. More than twice. Oh, did they mention that Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” is a W&M alum? He even was asked back to be the speaker at graduation at few years ago.

They even knew Jon Stewart when he was Jon Liebowitz. “Stewart” was his middle name at birth; he changed it legally after he got married.

School leaders at a charter school in Utah could learn a thing or two from the crowd in Williamsburg. Seems they dont know Jon Stewart.

They wanted to book a celebrity for their big annual gala, and they booked the wrong Jon Stewart.

According to the Associated Press, the DaVinci Academy thought it had made a deal with the comedian to appear. They mailed out 500 invitations and planned for a crowd of 900.

They really had a deal with a guy named Jon A. Stewart. Per the AP, he is “a former motivational speaker, businessman and part-time professional wrestler.”

Seems the school leaders sent out a boatload of solicitations to a number of celebrities, speakers and authors for the school’s annual benefit dinner.

Jon A. Stewart responded, and for months there was no indication that anything was wrong.

When the local paper called Jon Stewart’s publicist in California, that was the “uh oh” moment. The publicist said the only gig Jon Stewart was scheduled for on the night in question was “The Daily Show.”

Sacking a professional wrestler, even a part-timer, might not be the wisest idea, but the school canceled their engagement with Jon A. Stewart. The school quickly booked appearances by performing groups from a local university and a playhouse as replacements.

Anyone who asked for a refund got one.

One question remains: How do you get to be a “former motivational speaker”?

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