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FedEx no substitute for certified mail

Oops, silly me! Thinking Federal Express was just as good as, maybe even better than, registered or certified mail. Rena Lindevaldsen represents the biological mother in the celebrated custody case of Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins. The Virginia Court of Appeals had ...

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Unpublished cases track 4CA sentence review

Since federal sentencing guidelines became “advisory,” defense lawyers may be trying to track even unpublished 4th Circuit cases, just to see how a particular federal judge applies the guidelines to a given defendant. The defendant in U.S. v. Trent will ...

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Calling witnesses liars results in contempt citation

Defense attorney Jonathan K. Katz testified that he didn’t mean to ignore a trial judge’s admonition against calling witnesses “liars.” He was just so tired and stressed at the end of a 3 1/2-hour closing argument after eight days of ...

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The latest on therapist testimony in domestic cases

Whether therapist testimony can come into a domestic relations court case – an issue that has pitted lawyers against therapists – appears to be settled enough to allow the Virginia Court of Appeals to shuttle decisions on the subject into ...

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“Ask forgiveness” strategy nixed, building must go

A Norfolk bar owner tried to justify his sans-permit construction of a second-story bar on the Ocean View Fishing Pier by calling it his “office.” After the pier was destroyed by Hurricane Isabel in 2003, the owner promptly began reconstruction. ...

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Earl Washington case settled?

The final chapter in the 25-year saga that began with the rape and murder of a Culpeper woman may be written soon. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the state has agreed to pay $1.9 million to Earl Washington Jr., ...

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