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Fairfax jury awards $200K for soft-tissue injuries

Plaintiff is a 39-year-old female airline attendant who was hit from behind in a motor vehicle accident. There was moderate property damage and plaintiff did not feel any pain until later that night. Plaintiff went to her primary physician and was referred to chiropractic therapy with Dr. Jeffrey James. She was treated for approximately six months before being discharged even though she was still experiencing pain. Both doctors restricted plaintiff from work for three months.

Plaintiff still experiences pain, especially after working long hours on her flights. Plaintiff never had any previous injuries or accidents and never had any problems with pain in her 18-year career as a flight attendant.

Both doctors testified at trial along with plaintiff’s supervisor and her sister who was living with her at the time of the accident.

Type of Action: Personal injury
Injuries Alleged: Soft tissue injuries to neck, left shoulder and back
Name of Case: Karen Nicholson v. William Cook
Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court
Case No.: 2005-7414
Tried Before: Jury
Name of Judge: Leslie Alden
Special Damages: $13,700
Verdict/Settlement: Verdict
Amount: $200,000
Verdict Date: June 5, 2007
Offer: $14,911.00
Experts: Jeffrey James, D.C.
Insurer: Allstate
Plaintiff’s Attorney: David L. Marks, Fairfax

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