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Latin’s not dead … it’s just resting

A federal circuit court opinion about whether a joint with a liquor license can let its topless dancers dance fully nude is probably the last place you’d expect to find judges debating the health, or lack thereof, of Latin. Latin ...

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VSB rates candidates to replace Lacy

Four judges from the Virginia Court of Appeals are among nine candidates the judicial nominations committee of the Virginia State Bar has found to be highly qualified to fill the Supreme Court of Virginia vacancy created by the retirement of ...

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Arlington judge upholds transportation authorities

Arlington Circuit Judge Benjamin N.A. Kendrick yesterday upheld the new law allowing for the establishment of regional transportation authorities that can issue bonds and impose taxes. This 2007 General Assembly, as part of a comprehensive transportation package, authorized the creation ...

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Priorities, priorities

Two judicial proceedings were conducted at the same time today. In one, a defendant pleaded guilty to a felony with a maximum punishment of five years, and the government will be asking for a fifth of that. In the other, ...

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Facial recognition system at Beach a failure

Virginia Beach spent $200,000 in 2002 to put together a facial recognition security system at the Oceanfront, but the system has essentially been scrapped, reports The Virginian-Pilot. It was designed to match facial images to a computer database, but it ...

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Civil Procedure – Job Termination – Demurrers v. Affirmative Defenses (access required)

Although the circuit court overruled defendants’ demurrers to certain of plaintiff’s claims in his six-count motion for judgment suing for termination of his employment, defendants are not estopped from asserting affirmative defenses with respect to the statute of frauds, the ...

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