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Congrats to the New Lawyers!

A hearty “Cheers!” to the 1,081 successful candidates who took the Virginia Bar Examination.

The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners reported that some 1,502 people sat for this July’s exam in Roanoke. Do the math and you’ll find a pass rate of 71.9 percent.

That figure is generally in keeping with years past. Usually about three-quarters of the applicants pass the July exam.

We’ve reprinted the entire list of this crop of new lawyers, starting on page 16.

Salary survey

The list is included in a special eight-page New Lawyer pull-out that begins on page 13.

Sarah Rodriguez of our staff has compiled the annual New Associates Salary Survey.

The key finding there: After several years of flatlining at about $125,000 a year, the pay rates for the lawyers who go to Virginia’s largest firms are taking off.

Last year, there was a burst to $135,000 at a number of Northern Virginia firms. For 2007, the jump is even more dramatic. Some firms in that region are shelling out $160,000 for a new associate.

While the jumps are not as high, both the Richmond and Hampton Roads regions are seeing healthy boosts too.

This year’s survey is the 20th annual installment of the survey.

In case you’re wondering, back in 1988, the big news was that one firm in Vienna had upped the ante for the best and brightest new associates to $60,000 a year.

The lead on that story (VLW, Sept. 26, 1988): “Partners at Virginia’s biggest law firms are suffering from the legal version of sticker shock, thanks to the high price it takes to attract associates.”

The more things change…

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