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Businessman protests prosecution for car sales

vener sign

A Campbell County businessman is letting everyone known just how he feels about having to call a halt to weekend automobile sales on his parking lot.

vener2Apparently, roofing supply dealer Melvin T. Morgan used to allow folks to sell their cars on his parking lot, a prominent location on heavily traveled U.S. Route 460 near New London.  A nearby used car dealer complained so now Morgan is accused of violating of a newly-enacted law that limits such freelance car lots.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Neil Vener explains that the new law allows only 5 car-for-sale displays per year.  He said Morgan had 25 to 50 people selling their cars on his parking lot on weekends.

As for Morgan’s reference to him in his sign, Vener is resigned.  “You can’t make everybody happy,” he said.

By Peter Vieth

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