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Moran will give up house seat as he runs for Governor

Del. Brian J. Moran, D-Alexandria, today resigned from the House of Delegates to run full-time for governor.  Moran is in a three-way race for the Democratic nomination.  As noted by The Washington Post, there is no indication yet of a similar move by fellow contender Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath County.  The latest addition to the field, Terry McAuliffe, is unencumbered by any legislative duties.

By Peter Vieth

Update: Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has called a special election for Moran’s seat in the 46th District for Jan. 13. That date ensures that the seat will be filled by a new delegate in time to begin the 2009 General Assembly session. The deadline for candidates to seek the seat is next Wednesday, Dec. 17.

By Paul Fletcher

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