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Tort – Defamation – Bar Complaint (access required)

A divorce lawyer’s defamation case can proceed against a client’s father-in-law who allegedly cited “the Duke [lacrosse team] case” and threatened the lawyer with a bar complaint unless the lawyer’s and husband’s “actions” toward wife and granddaughter “progress[ed] in the ...

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Criminal – Felon In Possession – ‘Other Crimes’ Evidence – Drug & Alcohol Use (access required)

A defendant’s conviction for possession of a weapon as a convicted felon is affirmed despite his claim that the trial court allowance of defendant’s cross-examination about his drug and alcohol consumption at this time of his arrest constituted impermissible “other ...

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Criminal – Competency Exam – Malicious Wounding – Attorney Assault (access required)

The Court of Appeals rejects a defendant’s claim that the court that tried him for malicious wounding for his assault on a prosecutor should have sua sponte ordered a competency exam after the trial judge expressed doubts about defendant’s fitness ...

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Criminal – Miranda Warning – Right To Counsel – Larceny Conspiracy (access required)

A police officer’s statement to defendant that if he could not afford an attorney, “the Court will consider appointing an attorney for you” was sufficient to apprise defendant of his right to an attorney, and the trial court did not ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support – Parties’ Lifestyle (access required)

Admission into evidence of wife’s trial notebook that outlined each of the factors for the trial court’s consideration for spousal support under Va. Code § 20-107.1(E) and wife’s evidence on these factors supports the trial court’s award of $500 in ...

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