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Labor – Union Campaign – Employer Concessions – RICO Claims (access required)

A company that made certain concessions to allow union representatives access to employees during a union organizing campaign did not provide “things of value” under federal labor law that can provide the basis for a RICO suit filed by a ...

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Criminal – Bank Theft – Guilty Plea – Factual Basis (access required)

A man who told a bank teller, “They are forcing me and have a gun,” and handed her a note saying “people” were forcing him to demand money from the teller, provided a factual basis for his guilty plea to ...

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Criminal – Habeas Corpus – Ineffective Counsel – Conflict Of Interest (access required)

After resentencing of this Virginia death-row defendant who claimed his lawyer had an actual conflict of interest, the 4th Circuit vacates the district court’s life sentence because that court erred in concluding defendant was no longer eligible for the death ...

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Criminal – Sentence Reduction – Cocaine Amendment – Plea Agreement (access required)

Two defendants who pleaded guilty in 1998 to conspiracy to distribute cocaine base are eligible for a sentence reduction under 18 U.S.C. § 3582(c)(2), after the retroactive amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine offenses, the 4th Circuit ...

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Insurance – Liability – ‘Resident Relative’ – Notice

A young man killed in an auto accident who was staying temporarily with his parents until he could move into a friend’s house was not a “resident relative” and does not have coverage under his parents’ insurance policy, a Chesterfield ...

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A different kind of seafood plate

The annual effort to establish new custom license plates continues. The latest, per House Bill 1701, is a plate that allows a driver to declare him/herself to be a “SEAFOOD LOVER.” The plate is being promoted by the Virginia Marine Products ...

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