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Bar groups endorse candidates for federal posts

Three bar groups have weighed in so far with recommendations for a vacancy on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and an open district court seat in the Eastern District.

Here they are, names only. You can check posts here and here for one-phrase descriptions of candidates whose names you might not recognize, and there are likely to be some.

In fact, several of the candidates – law professors, federal government lawyers and partners in Washington firms – aren’t licensed to practice in the state. That’s not a requirement for a federal judgeship based in the state, and U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner asked the groups to vet those candidates, too.

VSB: Highly qualified for the 4th Circuit: John S. Edwards, Barbara Milano Keenan, Patricia a. Millet and Richard A. Simpson; qualified: Michael St.P. Baxter, E. Roy Hawkens, Kathleen J.L. Holmes, Raymond A. Jackson, Lisa E. Jones, A. Benjamin Spencer, John Charles Thomas

Highly qualified for the district court: Randy I. Bellows, John A. Gibney Jr., M. Hannah Lauck; qualified: Paul G. Gill, Richard D. Taylor

Virginia Bar Association: Endorsed Edwards, Keenan, Millett, Thomas and James E. Ryan for the 4th Circuit; Bellows, Lauck and Michael Shebelskie for the district court.

Virginia Trial Lawyers Association: Highly qualified for the 4th Circuit: Edwards, Keenan and Mary Lynn Tate; qualified: Thomas and Larry G. Elder.

Highly qualified for the district court: Lauck, Taylor and Edward H. Starr Jr.; qualified: John A. Gibney Jr.

By Alan Cooper

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