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Domestic Relations – Joint Custody – Couple’s Failure – Communication (access required)

Where husband can only communicate with wife by e-mail or text messaging, under a JDR court protective order, and he testified he prefers no dialogue with wife and not to communicate with her at all, a Loudoun County Circuit Court ...

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Corporate – Stock Transfer – Constructive Trust (access required)

A Richmond Circuit Court overrules defendant’s plea of the statute of limitations to this suit alleging that plaintiff’s attorney in act, acting under a power of attorney, illegally transferred title to stock of a corporation to defendant. Plaintiff seeks declaratory ...

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Tort – Business Tort – Phone Number Release – ‘Adult’ Hotline (access required)

Although plaintiff business has filed a complaint with the FCC in regard to defendant’s alleged release of a toll-free number the business used to market its products to an “adult” phone hotline, plaintiff nevertheless can pursue its state law claims, ...

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Negligence – Damage Award – Special Damages – Loose Dogs (access required)

Although plaintiff’s $30,000 jury award in this negligence action against a neighbor whose loose dogs knocked down plaintiff in her own driveway was only $2,532 greater than plaintiff’s special damages, a Fairfax Circuit Court says that Bowers v. Sprouse does ...

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Wills & Trusts – Executor’s Mistake – Estate Reimbursement (access required)

An executor who mistakenly gave $5,000 from his aunt’s estate to a cousin, when the bequest was meant for the cousin’s same-name father or his mother, wins a $5,000 judgment against the cousin in this Fairfax Circuit Court case. The ...

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