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Buzz and bullets: Gun fans cheer Starbucks’ policy (access required)

Dale Welch recently walked into a Starbucks in Virginia, handgun strapped to his waist, and ordered a banana Frappuccino with a cinnamon bun. He says the firearm drew a double-take from at least one customer, but not a peep from the baristas. Welch's foray into the coffeehouse was part of an effort by some gun owners ...

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One comment

  1. I have a CWP and I carry everywhere I am legally allowed. If I were in a coffee shop and an officer or some other person was being attacked by a killer,i WOULD come to their aid.
    Crime drops where law abiding people carry. Criminals are cowards that want to kill rob and rape innocent unarmed people. Armed victims are their greatest fear. The police
    cannot save you from an attack only you can do that and jail is not much of a deterent

    Good judgement, alert to your surroundings and a weapon are your best defenses.
    You are usually your only source of protection during an attack.

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