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Lawyer wins damages against malpractice carrier

A Richmond federal jury has awarded family law practitioner Terry Batzli damages in his suit against his legal malpractice carrier.

A client complained about an alleged drafting error in a settlement agreement and sued Batzli for malpractice. Batzli notified his carrier, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company.

MLM said the notice of claim came too late, and filed a dec action in Richmond U.S. District Court, saying Batzli had knowledge of sufficient facts that could have supported a claim more than two years prior to the date of notice to MLM.

Batzli counterclaimed for breach of contract and took his claim for damages to a jury.

On March 2, the jury found in favor of Batzli and his firm and awarded $8,400 in damages.
By Deborah Elkins

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