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Edwards makes plea for judgeships

Sen. John Edwards, D-Roanoke, took to the Senate floor today to warn about that proposal to freeze judicial appointments in order to balance the budget. “This short-sighted part of the House budget could do serious damage to the judicial system ...

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Pretrial services programs battle bail bondsmen  (access required)

Advocates of a government program that provides an alternative to jail for accused nonviolent criminals awaiting trial are fighting Virginia legislation that would limit the program. The battle centers on whether the pretrial services program saves the state money by ...

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Judicial evaluations rated high in Roanoke

To hear Roanoke-area  circuit judges talking, the state’s moribund judicial performance evaluation program deserves another chance. As we reported in December, some key legislators have indicated they would welcome revival of the JPE project, where anonymous comments about judges were ...

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Lawyers, guns and…coffee

Couple of notes from our gun laws desk, involving weapons both concealed and unconcealed: Proponents of gun rights have a reason to cheer today. The House of Delegates on Tuesday overwhelmingly (72-27) passed a bill to allow concealed handguns in ...

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Assembly sends concealed-gun bills to McDonnell (access required)

(AP) Virginia lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to legislation that allows people to carry concealed handguns into bars. On a vote of 72-27, the House of Delegates approved a Senate bill that allows concealed handgun permit holders to go armed ...

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VSB revamps advertising rules (access required)

The prohibition against in-person solicitation would apply to all matters, not just those involving personal injury cases, according to proposed amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern lawyer advertising and communications by lawyers with prospective clients. The Standing ...

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