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Real Estate – Easement – Injunctive Relief – Chain-Link Fence (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia rules that a 60-foot wide ingress and egress easement must be interpreted by its terms and reverses a lower court ruling that denied injunctive relief because the essential purpose of the easement had been met. ...

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Wills & Trusts – Life Estate – Future Interests – Conditions (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia holds that the “early-vesting” rule of will construction establishes the date at which monetary payments are required by a will, so the payments are conditions subsequent rather than conditions precedent. Testator devised a life estate ...

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There they go again

What are they thinking? Another week, another person charged with having drugs while coming to court for a different offense. Earlier this month, we reported on a guy in Suffolk who emptied his pockets to go through a metal detector ...

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Constitution does not assure ‘comfort’ with counsel

Senior U.S. District Judge Richard L. Willliams tried to do right by the defendant. Facing a firearm charge, defendant James Eugene Venable appeared in Richmond federal court to ask the judge to give him a new public defender, someone different ...

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Tips for the sleep-deprived (access required)

For years I wrestled with bouts of insomnia. I spent many nights tossing and turning and anxiously watching the clock waiting for sleep to come. Then, miraculously, the insomnia stopped about a year ago, as if by magic. For the ...

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