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High court less diverse in some aspects

Con law scholar A.E. “Dick” Howard notes the U.S. Supreme Court seems to have gained ethnic and gender diversity while losing much of its geographic and career diversity in the past five decades. Speaking to a Law Day gathering in ...

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Domestic Relations – Termination Of Parental Rights – Psychiatric Patient Parents (access required)

A mother who suffers from chronic mental illness and who has been hospitalized at mental institutions 14 times, including seven times since her child’s birth in 2007, loses her parental rights in this case from the Court of Appeals. Mother ...

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Traffic Offenses – Aggravated Involuntary Manslaughter – DUI – Rule 5A:18 (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms an aggravated involuntary manslaughter conviction of a man who, with his female companion, was falling-down drunk when asked to leave a bar, and who followed her in her Hummer H3 in his Chevy Avalanche, colliding ...

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Criminal – Forgery – Uttering – Postal Service – Light-Duty Form (access required)

A U.S. Postal Service employee who admitted he lied about falsifying a form intended for his physician to complete to support his request for light-duty work properly was convicted of forgery and uttering, the Court of Appeals says. Defendant’s convictions ...

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Workers’ Comp – Appeals – Interlocutory Order (access required)

A commission decision to hold a workers’ comp claim “in pendency status until the claimant offers evidence of maximum medical improvement and a current rating” is an interlocutory order not presently appealable, and the Court of Appeals dismisses employer’s appeal ...

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Traffic Offenses – Driving On Suspended License – Prior Offenses (access required)

Contrary to defendant’s assertion on appeal, the trial court did sua sponte reopen evidence to review defendant’s DMV transcript, which proved his prior offenses, and the Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s conviction of driving on a suspended license, third or ...

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