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Employment Discrimination – Hotel Housekeepers – Hotel Makeover (access required)

Hiring Hispanic housekeepers for seven of eight jobs at a Best Western hotel that was undergoing a $5 million makeover by new ownership did not violate Title VII, an Alexandria U.S. District Court says as it dismisses the EEOC’s complaint. ...

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Domestic Relations – GAL Fees – Reasonableness – Apportionment (access required)

Although husband argued in the trial court that the guardian ad litem’s $29,403 fee was unreasonable, he did not raise as a ground the trial court’s failure to make findings and specifically address his objections to the bill, and the ...

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Criminal – Request For Counsel – Murder & Firearm Convictions (access required)

A defendant’s confession was a critical part of the commonwealth’s case and the trial court erred in not recognizing that defendant’s statement, “That’s what I want, a lawyer,” was an unequivocal request for counsel that should have been honored by ...

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Domestic Relations – Spousal Support – Material Change – Unemployment (access required)

Wife argues husband was unemployed without unemployment benefits when the final divorce decree was entered, just as he was when spousal support was ordered 15 months earlier, but the Court of Appeals affirms the trial court orders suspending support payments. ...

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