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In the following cases, the Virginia Court of Appeals has affirmed a decision based on the reasoning of the administrative agency:

Food Lion LLC v. Tkach, No. 0649-10-4, Aug. 3, 2010, upholding an award of benefits despite an employer’s claim of fraud. VLW 010-7-299(UP), 2 pp.

Gray v. Coffeewood Corr. Ctr., No. 0398-10-2, July 27, 2010, rejecting an employer’s claim that a correctional worker did not establish causal connection between his lower back injury and a compensable work accident. VLW 010-7-291(UP), 1 p.

Arriba Corp. v. Hamilton, No. 0486-10-1, July 20, 2010, affirming a decision that claimant cooperated with his vocational rehabilitation specialist. VLW 010-7-269(UP), 2 pp.

United Parcel Service Inc. v. White, No. 0136-10-2, June 8, 2010, upholding a commission decision not to terminate an award on the ground that employer failed to include required information in its application to terminate benefits. VLW 010-7-220(UP), 2 pp.

United Parcel Service Inc. v. Masterson, No. 0047-10-1, May 18, 2010, upholding a commission decision that claimant experienced a change in circumstances that supported an award of benefits for a later workplace accident. VLW 010-7-197(UP), 2 pp.

Volvo Trucks of North America Inc. v. Maycock, No. 0043-10-3, May 18, 2010, affirming a decision that claimant provided sufficient medical evidence for an award of benefits for an occupational disease. VLW 010-7-196(UP), 2 pp.

Hodges v. TCS Materials Inc., No. 0213-10-2, July 27, 2010, upholding a decision that claimant failed to establish a causal connection between a 2007 accident and his 2008 medical treatment. VLW 010-7-292(UP), 2 pp.

Knowles v. Southside Community Action, No. 0015-10-3, June 29, 2010, affirming a commission decision that a claim for injury to left leg and knee was barred by the statute of limitations. VLW 010-7-248(UP), 2 pp.

VLW 010-7-248

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