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Criminal – Cocaine – Constructive Possession – Statement In Cruiser (access required)

A defendant arrested on a warrant, who was detained in a police cruiser while police executed a search warrant for the apartment where he was arrested, made statements in the cruiser that he hoped police would not “check on top ...

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Domestic Relations – Termination Of Parental Rights – Sibling Case (access required)

As a mother failed to contest the trial court’s termination of her parental rights under Va. Code § 16.1-283(E)(1), which allows termination of parental rights for a second child when the parent’s rights have been involuntarily terminated as to a ...

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Search & Seizure – Search Incident – Trespass Arrest – Housing Project (access required)

An officer who initially observed defendant walking in the middle of the street in a housing project, causing a car to brake to avoid him, and who checked defendant’s identification and determined he was barred from the project, had probable ...

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Civil Procedure – Discovery – Motion To Compel – Settlements (access required)

A state trooper victimized by identity theft need not disclose to defendant credit company her settlement agreements with three credit reporting agencies and a separate debt collection agency, on related claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the ...

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Civil Procedure – Remand – Foreclosure – Lender Meeting – Amount In Controversy (access required)

A homeowner’s declaratory request for a face-to-face meeting with defendant mortgage company before foreclosure cannot be given a financial value, and a Richmond U.S. District Court says it has no subject matter jurisdiction over this case because there is no ...

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Winchester lawyer suspended; receiver appointed

The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board has summarily suspended the license of Winchester lawyer Gary Lance Smith on impairment grounds. In its order entered Tuesday, the board said Smith suffers from diabetes, “the complications of which prevent him from practicing ...

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