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12 Steps, 25 Years: Lawyers Helping Lawyers marks anniversary (access required)

In its 25 years of serving impaired attorneys, Lawyers Helping Lawyers has reached out to lawyers wherever they can: at home, in the office, even in judges’ chambers. But one longtime supporter says they’ve only touched the “tip of the ...

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From the client’s lips to the court’s ear (access required)

A lawyer heads to court with her client, whose English language skills aren’t the best. The case has gotten more complicated and the client needs an interpreter. If it’s a criminal client, the lawyer’s confident about getting a court-appointed interpreter. ...

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BoA foreclosures on hold nationwide

Bank of America has suspended foreclosure sales nationwide pending a review of foreclosure documents in all 50 states, an action that may be triggering foreclosure holds with other institutions. Spokesman Richard G. Simon with the Charlotte-based bank on Friday told ...

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Summary Dispositions (access required)

The Virginia Court of Appeals has granted summary disposition in the following cases, based on the reasoning of the administrative agency. AAA Recycling & Trash Removal Servs. Inc., No. 0971-10-4, Oct. 5, 2010, upholding an award of temporary total disability ...

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Search & Seizure – Reasonable Suspicion – Felon In Possession (access required)

Police had a reasonable articulable suspicion to detain defendant where they received reports defendant was walking down the street with a rifle and they observed him, “staggering back and forth across the street,” unsteady on his feet, holding a rifle ...

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Criminal – A&B – Law Enforcement Officer – Resisting Arrest (access required)

A defendant’s act of spitting in an officer’s face was an unreasonable use of force to resist an allegedly unlawful arrest, and the Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s conviction for assault and battery on a law enforcement officer in violation ...

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