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Reality Check (access required)

The decline in the job market for law school graduates has generated a bitter backlash against the business of legal education. Law schools are being accused of running Ponzi schemes and worse as students claim they were lured into expensive ...

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‘eJuror’ online option is boon for clerks, lawyers (access required)

Federal clerks’ offices are lightening their paperwork loads and providing more useful juror information to lawyers through a new online juror questionnaire system rolling out around the country. The “eJuror” program mainly is intended to make jury service more user-friendly ...

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Dental malpractice alleged in pain, TMJ disorder – Defense Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff sued his dentist for $1,000,000 alleging that the defendant’s treatment approach, including occlusal adjustments (grinding small bits of teeth enamel to correct bite problems) was negligent and caused him to experience joint problems, pain, sleeplessness and emotional injury. ...

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Patient dies from complications from multiple pressure sores – Confidential Settlement (access required)

This case involved a mandatory arbitration clause in a nursing home contract. Plaintiff’s decedent’s son signed the contract as “responsible party”. The son did not have power of attorney nor had he been appointed legal guardian or conservator. Defendant filed ...

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Norfolk jury convicts Somalis of piracy

A federal jury in Norfolk convicted five men from Somalia today of piracy and several other related accounts stemming from an attack on a U.S. Navy warship that the defendants thought was a merchant vessel. It is believed to be ...

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