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Legal Zoom preps to fight VSB’s UPL bill (access required)

Legal Zoom, the Internet-based document preparation company, is preparing to fight the Virginia State Bar’s efforts to toughen the penalties for the unauthorized practice of law. Senate Bill 1067, introduced by Sen. John Edwards, D-Roanoke, at the request of the VSB, would increase the statute of limitations for UPL from 12 months to two years. It ...

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  1. so let’s see. .. a consumer goes to a website that is filled with disclaimers telling the consumer that they aren’t dealing with a lawyer and that the site and its products are no substitute for hiring an attorney.

    Acting on his own intelligence and using reason, the consumer says “you know what, I’m smart enough to read and I want to work with this website anyway.”

    Where is the victim in this?

    I agree with Scott Street: a(nother) misguided effort to protect consumers.

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