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Bring out your dead…

Using an investment into a cemetery as a tax shelter sounds kind of creepy.

But it gets creepier: The Justice Department says the cemetery tax shelter, centering on Northern Virginia, is a sham and has filed an injunction to stop it.

According to a DOJ press release, the department filed in Washington federal court to stop three men from seeking contributions to a cemetery fund involving a proposed cemetery near the Chancellorsville battlefield in Spotsylvania County.

Civil War heritage and all the brave fallen…

A memorial garden near the scene of their sacrifice…

Get five bucks in tax benefits for every dollar you invest…

You see how this could fly.

The feds allege that the trio, which includes a father-son team from the Metro DC area, made millions used illegal tactics and made unfounded promises; however, this is just a civil action seeking an injunction.

The release adds that DOJ has obtained “hundreds” of such injunctions “to stop the promotion of abusive or fraudulent tax schemes.” Who knew?

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