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Bill: Warrant would be needed for GPS tracking (access required)

A bill introduced in Congress this month would put an end to a current police practice – use of a GPS tracking device without a warrant to follow a suspect. The measure would force law enforcement to get a judicial OK before using such electronic surveillance. Supporters say the bill protects basic privacy rights. Police and ...

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  1. As I just reported former attorney and current therapist Thomas Fuchs was the third San Diego father to wipe out his family in less than a month,
    http://www.familylawcourts.com/Kids_Killed, that GPS with Victim Notification (So the monitoring staffer can alert the intended victim in time enough to save their own life…not to mention state resources), needs to be in Family Court. So many family court cases are not in their proper venue, namely criminal court, due to failure of police to respond appropriately, See VIdeo testimony,

    that GPS with victim notification needs to be in Family Court. Unlike those in Criminal Court where GPS with Victim Notification is use, Family Court judges continue their refusal to protect those in their court.

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