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P.I. cases heading to general district court (access required)

Jurisdiction was boosted to $25K

The 2011 General Assembly increased the jurisdictional level for general district court from $15,000 to $25,000, effective July 1. Personal injury lawyers are poised to take advantage of that hike and the benefits of the lower level court – trials are easier to get and faster, the filing fees are lower and there is little to ...

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  1. This may be great for PI lawyers, but it is terrible for those individuals facing collection cases — particularly many of the meritless “debt buyer” lawsuits — who now have to defend in the GD courts without due process (no discovery, no jury), and then post a bond to appeal to circuit court to get their constitutional right to trial by jury. $25,000 is a HUGE amount of money for most Virginians, even if it apparently isn’t for the members of the state legislature.

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