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Robinson v. Furman

$2.4 million

Type of case: Wrongful Death
Court: Richmond Circuit Court
Attorneys: Mark Krudys, Richmond

Summary: The Richmond City Sheriff and his former chief jail doctor were hit with a $2.4 million verdict for the 2008 death of an inmate from pneumonia that allegedly went untreated. The verdict may be a record in Virginia for death of an inmate.

James Robinson, who was being held on charges of driving on a suspended license and failure to appear for a court date, developed an advanced lung infection, which worsened in the jail.

Most of the evidence focused on whether the doctor should have discerned that presence of pneumonia and ordered X-rays. Plaintiff also alleged that the jail healthcare employees, who were unlicensed, failed to call 911 or notify the doctor in response to Robinson’s worsening symptoms.

The verdict was returned jointly against the sheriff and the doctor. Robinson is survived by two children who are beneficiaries of the recovery.

Defendants have filed a notice of appeal and an appeal bond has been posted.

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