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Guzzetta v. Blakey MD, et al. (access required)

Type of case: Medical Malpractice Court: Norfolk Circuit Court Attorneys: Lisa P. O’Donnell and Amberley G. Hammer, Norfolk Summary: The plaintiff was 16 years old when he underwent pectus excavatum surgery to correct a sunken chest deformity. Plaintiff claimed the ...

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Chavis v. Best Buy (access required)

Type of case: Personal Injury Court: Newport News Circuit Court Attorneys: Joel Weintraub, Norfolk Summary: A Newport News jury awarded $5.225 million to a man who was injured after a forklift ran over his foot at a Best Buy store. ...

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Lawlor v. Online Resources Corp. (access required)

Type of case: Employment Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Attorneys: Graeme W. Bush and Ellen D. Marcus, Washington Summary: A Fairfax jury found technology firm Online Resources Corp. breached its contract with its former CEO Matthew Lawlor after he was ...

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Sanford v. SCG International LLC (access required)

Type of case: Securities Fraud Court: U.S. District Court, Alexandria Attorney: J. Chapman Petersen, Fairfax Summary: A couple alleged that the Virginia Beach proprietor of a security company defrauded them of money they had received from the sale of a ...

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US v. Granby LLC, et al. (access required)

Type of case: Condemnation Court: U.S. District Court, Norfolk Attorneys: Joseph T. Waldo, Brian G. Kunze and Stephen J. Clarke, Norfolk Summary: The United States condemned 1.604 acres of land at the southwest corner of Granby Street and Brambleton Avenue ...

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Jones v. Moen (access required)

Type of case: Personal Injury Court: Richmond Circuit Court Attorneys: P. Christopher Guedri and Douglas A. Barry, Richmond Summary: A tractor-trailer driver who suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost a leg when he rear-ended another rig won a $23 ...

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Minton v. Exxon Mobil (access required)

Type of case: Asbestos Court: Newport News Circuit Court Attorneys: Robert R. Hatten, Hugh B. McCormick III and William W. Harty, Newport News Summary: A former ship repair supervisor contracted mesothelioma almost 30 years after he last worked for Newport ...

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Honua Securities Co., et al. v. Kim (access required)

Type of case: Fraud Court: U.S. District Court, Alexandria Attorneys: James M. Ringer, New York; Daniel L. Fitch, Harrisonburg Summary: A group of bondholders who lost their money when a planned World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany, went bust won ...

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Ray v. Allergan Inc. (access required)

Type of case: Products liability Court: U.S. District Court, Richmond Attorneys: Stephen W. Bricker and Christopher L. Anderson, Richmond; Ray C. Chester, Austin, Texas Summary: A Vietnam veteran who received a series of Botox injections to treat his writer’s tremor ...

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