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Navy vets fund raiser captured by feds

The elusive “Bobby Thompson,” who allegedly used that fictitious identity to run a fraudulent Navy veterans support group that collected millions in donations, has been captured in Oregon, authorities say.

A news release from the U.S. Marshal Service said “Thompson,” whose real name still is unknown, was arrested in Portland, Ore., last evening.

As the one-time head of the U.S. Navy Veterans Association, Thompson posed for photos with national leaders and raised an estimated $100 million in nationwide donations. His purported scam caused embarrassment for Virginia politicians who accepted contributions from the USNVA before it was exposed as a fraud.

Authorities plan to take Thompson to Ohio where he faces various charges.

UPDATE: The (Portland) Oregonian reports a detective located Thompson drinking beer in an Irish bar. He had three sets of identification, but officials still don’t know who he is.

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