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No Infringement of Pet ‘Responder’ Mark (access required)

A California nonprofit service group that uses the name “RedRoverResponders” for its program using volunteers to care for animals displaced by natural disasters does not infringe plaintiff LLC’s registered service mark, “Wag’N Rover Respond’R.” for the LLC’s “Mobile Emergency Information ...

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Meat ‘Mark’ Case Stays in Virginia (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court will not transfer to a federal court in Puerto plaintiff packing company’s suit alleging defendant Puerto Rican companies infringed their trademark for plaintiff’s chicken franks. Plaintiff Smithfield Packing Company filed this action against two Puerto ...

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Patent Suit Mooted by Bankruptcy (access required)

Although plaintiff German corporation had standing when it first sued defendant corporation for patent infringement, plaintiff’s suit became moot after plaintiff pursued bankruptcy in Germany and the appointed insolvency administrator obtained the legal right to sue for patent infringement; the ...

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No Garnishment of Mineral ‘Headright’ (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court grants garnishee Osage Indian Agency’s motion to quash a garnishment summons a creditor obtained in Virginia state court to collect on a $63,565 judgment from debtor’s mineral “headright”; the creditor filed her summons against the ...

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