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Former attorney sentenced to nearly four years in prison

Former Richmond lawyer Bradley D. Wein has been handed a 45-month prison sentence based on phony letters he created to legitimize his use of a client’s money.

Wein was hired by an elderly woman in 2005 to handle legal and financial matters. Authorities accused him of using her credit cards without authorization to pay his bill. The client died before the charges were filed. Wein maintained the client knew about and approved his use of her credit card.

Wein gave letters to his defense lawyers showing he had disclosed his personal purchases to the client. When the defense lawyers filed the letters with the court, prosecutors contended they were phony – created after the fact to whitewash Wein’s actions.

In April, a federal jury acquitted Wein of fraud and aggravated identity theft, but convicted him of obstruction of justice based on the falsified letters.

Wein was sentenced Friday by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson.

Wein, 51, now lives in Tuscon, Az., according to a release from the Virginia attorney general’s office.

- By Peter Vieth


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