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Church-Service Robbery Justified Religious Comments (access required)

Although the trial judge at defendants’ trial for armed robbery of Sunday worship services at a North Carolina church made references to religion, those references did not violate defendants’ right to due process, as defendants’ choice to target a church ...

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‘Absolute Priority’ Rule Applies After BAPCPA (access required)

In this first-impression decision for federal appellate courts, the 4th Circuit says the “absolute priority rule” still applies to individual debtors in possession proceeding under chapter 11, after the 2005 amendments to the bankruptcy code. The absolute priority rule comes ...

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Law jobs hard to find for new grads

Sobering new statistics illustrate the difficulty of turning a law degree into a full time practice position, unless your degree comes from a top tier law school. The American Bar Association has – for the first time – provided numbers ...

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The Puritans are back in town

Let’s do the Time Warp. The Puritans are back in charge in Massachusetts. At least they seem to running the town of Middleborough, where you now can be ticketed for swearing in public, First Amendment be, uh, darned. Residents of ...

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Calls to Ex-Girlfriend Were Harassment (access required)

A man’s vulgar and angry calls threatening sexual violence against his ex-paramour who called his wife after he broke off their extramarital affair were harassing and violated Va. Code § 18.2-427, the Supreme Court of Virginia says. In Barson v. ...

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