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College hosts center for teaching the rule of law

A project of lawyers and educators to spread the word among young people about the importance of the rule of law is being institutionalized.

Roanoke College has established The Center for Teaching the Rule of Law, an independent non-profit educational organization. Roanoke attorney Mike Pace is founder and CEO. Educator Tim Isaacs is the center’s vice-president and director of education.

Pace and Isaacs teamed up to launch the Rule of Law project that annually puts lawyers and judges in Virginia classrooms to emphasize the legal foundation of American democracy. The project was a joint effort of the Virginia Law Foundation and the Virginia Bar Association.

The Center for Teaching the Rule of Law will serve as a forum for discussion and debate involving national and international rule of law advocates, scholarly research and writing on related topics, and collaborative initiatives with other organizations and institutions, according to Roanoke College president Michael Maxey.

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