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10 more ways to guarantee your press release is toast (access required)

Putting out a press release is one of the best ways for a law firm or business to make an announcement. The best releases provide a straightforward lead paragraph that follows the well-known journalism-school pattern: Include the who, what, where ...

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Judge orders a 20-year ban in trade secrets case (access required)

In a rapid volley of court actions, a Korean company fighting a $920 million judgment for theft of trade secrets was hit with a “devastating” 20-year ban on sales of its body armor product, and then promptly won a stay ...

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Insurance carrier loses declaratory judgment action on UIM – Verdict for Defendants (access required)

In a case of first impression, U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema provides Virginia counsel with a blueprint on how to calculate UIM coverage when there are multiple claimants involved. Dale Ray Parrott and his wife, Shirley Ann Parrott, were killed ...

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Two doctors denied fault in gastric bybass error – $1,690,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a bariatric patient who underwent gastric bypass surgery. The surgery was a laparoscopic procedure performed with the assistance of a da Vinci robot. The purpose of the procedure was to create a small stomach pouch, about the size ...

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Diabetic patient with abnormal blood readings was sent home – $1,000,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff’s decedent was a 57-year-old-woman who suffered from diabetes, but otherwise enjoyed good health. In July 2010, she presented to her primary care physician’s office with complaints of three days of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and an inability to ...

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Court revives medical malpractice claim (access required)

A medical malpractice survival action arose from the same “cause of action” as a previously nonsuited wrongful death claim, so the statute of limitations does not bar the new lawsuit, the Supreme Court ruled Friday. The decision reverses the trial ...

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