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No Proof for Post-Termination Commissions (access required)

Although the jury awarded plaintiff, who was terminated by defendant Anonymizer Inc., $139,458.17 in commissions for defendant’s breach of its sales incentive plan, the Fairfax Circuit Court denies plaintiff’s motion to reconsider an award of post-termination commissions. Plaintiff presented insufficient ...

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Estate settles texting-and-driving suit for $800,000 (access required)

13.T.113 - Accident photo

Distracted drivers – talking, texting, e-mailing, or playing “Words with Friends” – are increasingly causing serious accidents and finding themselves targets for lawsuits. Jay Tronfeld of Richmond said his firm sees cases “all the time,” particularly involving younger, texting drivers. ...

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Judge approves Virginia Chinese drywall settlements (access required)

A federal judge has approved settlements totaling more than $17 million for Virginia homeowners whose homes were damaged by noxious Chinese drywall. The four settlements involve so-called “downstream entities,” including companies that distributed the tainted wallboard in Virginia, and should ...

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Unstable Veteran Loses Parental Rights (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms termination of a veteran’s rights to two infant children for failure to substantially remedy the conditions requiring foster care; father failed to complete counseling, declined services available through the Veterans Administration and was involuntarily hospitalized; ...

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Sex Offender Barred from Neighborhood (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s bench trial conviction for aggravated sexual battery and suspended sentence barring him from victim’s neighborhood where his parent lives; defendant’s first counsel made no competency objection and his second counsel’s post-sentencing objections lack merit: ...

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