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Insurance – UIM Coverage – John Doe Driver
Where a jury returned a verdict for defendant John Doe vehicle in this suit seeking uninsured motorist coverage and the only evidence supporting the existence or negligence of the John Doe driver was the testimony of plaintiff truck passenger, who admitted having as many as three beers before getting in the truck, the trial…
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Suffered In Auto Accident
Type of Action — Negligence Other Useful Information — The plaintiff was traveling south, approaching an intersection with a green light. Moments earlier, the defendant had entered the intersection heading west. He made a U-turn and was proceeding east through the intersection when the collision occurred. The crash caused the plaintiff’s SUV to roll…
Insurance – Policy Coverage – Exclusion – Alcohol Exclusion
Where a policyholder had a blood alcohol content of 0.16 percent when he died in a one-car automobile accident, his children are not entitled to benefits under the policyholder’s life insurance policy under the policy’s exclusion of benefits for loss caused by or resulting from intoxication. Plaintiffs oppose the carrier’s motion for summary judgment,…
Negligence – Auto Accident – Punitive Damages
Where plaintiff was injured in an auto accident in which her vehicle was sandwiched between two other vehicles, each driven by an alleged drunk driver, and the driver of the vehicle behind her had a BAC of 0.13 percent and 0.14 percent when taken over three hours after the accident, plaintiff may sue defendant…
Punitives are scored where driver was drunk
A Richmond jury has awarded $40,000 in punitive damages to a woman injured by a drunken driver, after the judge allowed introduction of circumstantial evidence to show the defendant’s conduct was willful and wanton. The judge ruled that, even though the defendant disappeared after his criminal conviction and could not be located for depositions…
Punitives allowed in car crash, despite no alcohol
Even though there was no evidence of drinking in a car accident lawsuit, a Roanoke federal judge allowed a punitive damages claim against the defendant. Plaintiffs’ lawyers hailed the decision as the next, logical step following the Virginia Supreme Court’s holding in Huffman v. Love (VLW 093-6-020), decided last spring. In Huffman, which involved…
Trial Report No. 94-T178, Negligence
Auto Accident – Multiple Injuries Type of Action Motor vehicle accident Type of Injuries Broken right and left femur, closed right talar neck fracture, closed right calcaneal tuberosity fracture, closed fracture of the left first, second, third and fifth metatarsals. Name of Case Cynthia C. Short v. Leon O. Bowman Court/Case No. Richmond Circuit…
NOTICE : The opinions posted here are subject to formal revision. If you find a typographical error or other formal error, please notify the Supreme Court of Virginia. ROBINSON v. MATT MARY MORAN, INC., et al. March 3, 2000 Record No. 990778 TERESA F. ROBINSON, ADMINISTRATOR, ETC. v. MATT MARY MORAN, INC., ET AL….
Teen gets punitives of $200K from drunk
A Harrisonburg lawyer is battling to keep the $200,000 punitive damages he won this fall for the victim of a crash caused by a drunken driver. The verdict was returned Oct. 31 by a jury in Rockingham County, one of Virginias most conservative jurisdictions. Defense lawyers argue the unusually high verdict of nearly $281,000 is…
Head-On Collision With Drunk Driver
Type of Action — Negligence Other Useful Information — After consuming at least the equivalent of eight drinks, the defendant drove onto the exit ramp of Interstate 264 and collided almost head-on with the plaintiff’s vehicle. Both vehicles were total losses. The defendant pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving…

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