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Drunken driver rear ends motorist, causes brain injury – $625,000 Settlement
On Friday, Oct. 10, 2008, at approximately 9:30 p.m., the plaintiff was stopped at a traffic light on River Road at its intersection with Gaskins Road in Henrico County. The defendant, who had been drinking all afternoon and early evening, rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle at 50 miles per hour. The defendant had a blood alcohol…
Repairman killed in fiery head-on collision with drunk driver – $6,350,000 Verdict
The decedent was driving a flatbed truck loaded with a forklift at 12:30 p.m. when the defendant tried to cross a double solid yellow line and crashed head-on into the decedent’s truck. The truck then exploded into flames. The decedent was able to extricate himself from the truck, but not before he suffered substantial burns….
Driver, after leaving party, drove on wrong side on Interstate – $3,900,000 Settlement
On Dec. 15, 2007, the Smith family’s vehicle collided with defendant’s 1999 Mercedes-Benz. The defendant was driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 95 and collided head-on with the plaintiffs’ vehicle. The defendant was on his way home from the company holiday party of his employer, Zanett Inc., which included alcohol, food and entertainment. Employees…
Driver who rear-ended car not at fault for subsequent crash – Defense Verdict
This case stemmed from an accident that happened on Oct. 12, 2010 on Atlantic Avenue at 55th Street in Virginia Beach. Defendant Camp rear-ended a car driven by Ashley Kennedy, which was stopped in the left lane waiting to make a turn. After that collision, Plaintiff Swain rear-ended Camp’s vehicle, forcing it back into Kennedy’s…
Driver suffers broken neck in Augusta collision – $375,000 Settlement
Plaintiff and defendant were involved in a head-on collision on Dec. 28, 2005, in Augusta County. Defendant denied liability. When defendant refused to comply with the court’s orders to answer discovery, the court, as a sanction, prohibited defendant from contesting liability at trial. Plaintiff suffered a C4 facet fracture with associated pain in the neck…
Traffic Offenses – DUI – Certificate Of Analysis – Blood Extraction
The en banc Court of Appeals holds that, at defendant’s DUI trial, the trial judge did not err in ruling that defendant was arrested prior to removal of his blood for testing, and in admitting the certificate of analysis showing blood alcohol content under Virginia’s implied consent statute, and the en banc court affirms defendant’s…
Traffic Offenses – Driving After HO Order – Reckless Driving
A defendant’s conviction for reckless driving after having been adjudicated a habitual offender is reversed because the commonwealth failed to prove the reckless element of the charge. Defendant was found a couple of blocks from a traffic accident where a passenger in a vehicle was being treated for head injuries. He admitted consuming “about four…
Teen gets punitives of $200K from drunk
A Harrisonburg lawyer is battling to keep the $200,000 punitive damages he won this fall for the victim of a crash caused by a drunken driver. The verdict was returned Oct. 31 by a jury in Rockingham County, one of Virginia’s most conservative jurisdictions. Defense lawyers argue the unusually high verdict of nearly $281,000 is…
Search & Seizure – Auto Accident Scene – Defendant’s Intoxication
Where police arriving at the scene of an auto accident encountered defendant, who ran out in front of and was nearly hit by the officer’s vehicle, and who began yelling and screaming hysterically, and acknowledged that he had been drinking alcohol, defendant’s statements at the scene and additional evidence need not be suppressed. I find…
Trial Report No. 93-T44 Negligence
Auto Accident – Multiple Injuries Type of Action Personal injury – automobile negligence Type of Injuries The plaintiff was a 47-year-old female who sustained a right-sided disc herniation at T7-8, a large hematoma in the flank region and multiple bruises and abrasions in the areas of her left upper arm, left clavicle and chest. The…

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