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Negligence – Punitive Damages – Statutory Standard Not Retroactive
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 1994-01-01
Where plaintiff’s automobile accident occurred on Jan. 30, 1993, she may not amend her motion for judgment to allege a claim for punitive damages against the defendant based on a 1994 statute that allows exemplary damages where a defendant has a blood alcohol content of .15 percent at the time of the accident; the…
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Negligence – Auto Accident – Wrongful Death – Drunken Driving
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2001-02-26
Auto Accident – Wrongful Death – Drunken Driving…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Products Liability – Crashworthiness Doctrine – Ford E-150 Van – Md. Law
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 1998-01-12
A family whose decedent had a history of alcoholism and a blood alcohol level well over Maryland’s legal limit can try their claim that the 1988 Ford E-150 Econoline van that caught fire after decedent crashed it into a tree was not “crashworthy” because of the design of its fuel system. Ford based its…
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Criminal – Traffic Offenses – Involuntary Manslaughter – DUI
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 1995-01-01
A bicyclist who was crossing a street when he was struck and fatally injured by defendant’s car, which accelerated quickly at a light change, was not an “independent, intervening cause” of the accident, and defendant’s conviction of involuntary manslaughter under Va. Code § 18.2-36.1 is affirmed. Defendant argues that he cannot be convicted of…
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Pedestrians settle cases against driver who struck them
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 2007-07-23
On July 30, 2004, the plaintiffs, boyfriend and girlfriend, were visiting the city of Virginia Beach. Darren Dillman had been sent there by his employer to attend a trade school. Jennifer Snay accompanied him. At approximately 9:10 p.m. the two were crossing Atlantic Avenue in the crosswalk at 23rd Street. They had successfully crossed the…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Negligence – Automobile Accident – Brain Injury
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2000-08-28
Automobile Accident – Brain Injury…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Driver, after leaving party, drove on wrong side on Interstate – $3,900,000 Settlement
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 2011-11-28
On Dec. 15, 2007, the Smith familys vehicle collided with defendants 1999 Mercedes-Benz. The defendant was driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 95 and collided head-on with the plaintiffs vehicle. The defendant was on his way home from the company holiday party of his employer, Zanett Inc., which included alcohol, food and entertainment. Employees…
Negligence – Multiple Fractures – Premises Liability
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2002-08-26
Multiple Fractures – Premises Liability…
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Negligence – Motorcycle Accident – Dram Shop Liability – Wrongful Death
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2001-01-15
Motorcycle Accident – Dram Shop Liability – Wrongful Death…
Category(s): Verdicts & Settlements
Posted by: Sarah Rodriguez on 1998-07-07
Corrections to pg.3, ln 23, (cite) and pg 5, ln 7, endanger"s"…
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