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Negligence – Auto Accident – Drunken Driving – Low Verdict
Type of Action – Auto accident Type of Injuries – Neck, shoulder and low back Name of Case – Lonas v. Conner Court/Case No. – Shenandoah County Circuit Court, No. CL96-63 Judge or Jury – Jury Name of Judge – Judge Dennis L. Hulp Special Damages – $74,310.66 past medical, $34,000 future medical Damages Awarded…
Plaintiff sought to prove drunken driver fled scene – $150,000 Settlement
The defendant ran a red light at an intersection in Henrico County. After striking the plaintiff, he left the scene of the accident. Defendant admitted being “high” when driving and admitted drinking  one and a half cans (20 oz.) of “Four Loco.” Plaintiff had evidence that the defendant’s blood alcohol level was .15 at the…
Passenger should have known driver was drunk, defense alleges – $125,000 Verdict
Plaintiff, a 19-year-old student, was a passenger in the back seat of defendant’s vehicle. Defendant and another passenger had been drinking prior to picking up the plaintiff. Defendant drove 15 or more miles on back roads to pick up the plaintiff and drove back without any problems. Defendant stopped and got gas just prior to…
NEGLIGENCE – Auto Accident – DUI
Type of Action – Auto accident Type of Injuries – Grade III tear of medial meniscus in right knee; Grade I strain of left knee Name of Case – Knicely v. Vannoy Special Damages – $4,811 past medicals; $5,200 potential future medicals; nominal lost wages Awarded or Settled – Settled Amount – $45,000 Attorney for…
Negligence – Auto Accident – Drunken Driving
Type of Action – Negligence – Car Wreck Type of Injuries – Sprain/strain of neck and back Name of Case – Peterson v. Thacker Court/Case No. – Chesapeake Circuit Court; CL 98-36 Special Damages – $2,992.71 Awarded – Awarded Amount – $177,992.71 (specials plus $175,000 in punitives) Attorney for Plaintiff – Robert J. Haddad, Virginia…
Trial Report No. 94-T229, Negligence
Auto Accident – John Doe – Broken Hip Type of Action “John Doe” motor vehicle accident Type of Injuries Broken right hip Name of Case Orville Dean Rife v. John Doe Court/Case No. U.S. District Court, Western District of Virginia, Abingdon Division, No. 93-0189-A Judge or Jury Jury Name of Judge Judge Sam G. Wilson…
Trial Report No. 93-T61 Premises Liability
Television Antenna – Eye Injury Type of Action Premises liability Type of Injuries Traumatic, piercing injury to the plaintiff’s right eye Name of Case Mary E. Smart v. Lemuel L. Sarver, Jr. Court/Case No. Circuit Court for the County of Craig, No. L-420 Judge or Jury Jury Name of Judge Judge Duncan M. Byrd Jr….
Negligence – Auto Accident – Alcohol
Type of Action – Rear-end collisionalcohol consumption Type of Injuries – Soft tissue injuries to neck, back, and right knee Name of Case – Bonham v. Jackson Court/Case No. – Louisa County Circuit Court; Case No. L-3699 Judge or Jury – Jury Name of Judge – Judge F. Ward Harkrader Jr. Special Damages – Medical…
Criminal – DUI – Blood Alcohol – Medical Treatment – Melendez-Diaz Claim
Hospital records showing a driver’s BAC at .13 after a two-fatality automobile accident are admissible under Va. Code § 19.2-187.02, a Norfolk Circuit Court says, notwithstanding a Sixth Amendment Melendez-Diaz challenge to the statute, which allows the test as a business record. After an automobile accident in which two individuals died and one was injured,…
ABC agent hit with punitives, commonwealth found liable – $80,000 Verdict
The plaintiff was involved in a rear-end accident with the defendant, who was an intoxicated ABC agent. The defendant drank at least six beers in a three-and-a-half hour period immediately preceding the accident and had a BAC of 0.16. He claimed that he was performing undercover observations and is permitted to consume alcohol on the…

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