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Trip-and-fall settles for $150K
This case was previously tried to a defense verdict but was successfully appealed to the Supreme Court of Virginia, which reversed the verdict based upon introduction into evidence of prior alcohol use by plaintiff, which was irrelevant and prejudicial. Plaintiff tripped and fell on a dislodged metal grate that was supposed to be flush with…
Intersection wreck causes brain, neck, back injuries – $125,000 Settlement
On May 28, 2004, at approximately 11:30 p.m., the plaintiff stopped at the intersection of King Street and Market Street in Leesburg for a red light. When the light turned green, she proceeded through the intersection and was struck by the defendant on the drivers side of her car. The plaintiffs vehicle spun around and…
Negligence – Auto Accident – Fraternity Pledge
Type of Action – Personal Injury Type of Injuries – “Bust” Spinal Fracture at T8-9 with posterior subluxation of T9 under T8 resulting in spinal surgery with rods, rib resection due to punctured lung and pneumonia, paraspinours hematoma, splenic hematoma, forehead injuries, scleral hemorrhage, loss of erectile function due to urological and/or neurological injuries, development…
Full UIM coverage provided to family injured in collision – $1,500,000 Settlement
Plaintiffs, a couple in their 60s, were traveling on a two-lane road with their grandchildren in the rear seats when the defendant crossed the center line and struck their vehicle in a violent left front end/left front end collision. The accident occurred early on a Saturday morning, and the defendant claimed to have been tired…
No Punitives for Inner Tube Accident
A Norfolk U.S. District Court dismisses claims for punitive damages filed by a plaintiff who was severely injured when a motorboat operated by the second defendant, Cox, crossed the towline of the inner tube plaintiff was riding on in Currituck Sound, pulled by a boat operated by the first defendant, Norman. Plaintiff alleges defendant Cox…
Traffic Offenses – DUI – Intoxication – Controlled Substances
A driver cannot overturn her DUI conviction by claiming Va. Code 18.2-266 does not cover intoxication from controlled drugs that she admittedly ingested, but only from alcohol, and the Court of Appeals affirms her conviction for causing serious and permanent bodily injury as a result of driving while intoxicated, in violation of Va. Code 18.2-51.4….
NOTICE : The opinions posted here are subject to formal revision. If you find a typographical error or other formal error, please notify the Virginia Court of Appeals. FELTS v. COMMONWEALTH OCTOBER 5, 1999 Record No. 1997-98-3 JACOB JACKSON FELTS v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF GRAYSON COUNTY J. Colin Campbell,…
No TC error: refusing to suppress analysis cert. & results of BAA…
Drunken biker not at fault; defendant settles for $925K
Plaintiff, a 48-year-old male, was riding a motorcycle borrowed from a used car dealership where he worked as a mechanic. Plaintiff alleged that defendant abruptly changed lanes without signaling, colliding with his motorcycle and causing him to be ejected at approximately 35 miles per hour. Defendant contended that as he changed lanes, the plaintiff…
Cullen suggests study of lower drinking age
Attorney General Richard Cullen has asked Virginia college presidents to study whether to lower the state’s legal drinking age from 21 to 18. Such a change would make Virginia the only state to allow teen-agers to buy or possess alcohol. Cullen’s suggestion Dec. 4 came 10 days after he called for a task force…

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