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Punitives are scored where driver was drunk
A Richmond jury has awarded $40,000 in punitive damages to a woman injured by a drunken driver, after the judge allowed introduction of circumstantial evidence to show the defendant’s conduct was willful and wanton. The judge ruled that, even though the defendant disappeared after his criminal conviction and could not be located for depositions or…
Judge sets aside $3M traffic injury verdict
Deciding he should not have allowed certain scientific testimony in the case, a Virginia circuit judge has overturned a $3 million verdict and ordered a new trial for a man injured when he was run over by a car, a lawyer in the case said. After the Oct. 2 verdict, Henry County Judge David V….
Corrections to pg.3, ln 23, (cite) and pg 5, ln 7, endanger”s”…
Passenger in drunken driving case beats contrib, assumption of risk
Single vehicle motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff was the defendant’s girlfriend. Punitives damage claim and willful and wanton conduct were withdrawn before trial. The plaintiff didn’t want to give any validity to the blood alcohol certificate, and her theme was that she didn’t really know how much the defendant drank, she didn’t think he was…
Negligence – Premises Liability – Fall – Quadriplegia
Premises Liability – Fall – Quadriplegia…
Auto Accident Nets Record Verdict
A Harrisonburg attorney has secured what is believed to be the largest verdict for an automobile accident in the history of Rockingham County. Late last month, a jury awarded the client of William W. Helsley a total of $520,000 for injuries suffered in 1999 when his car was rear-ended by a driver traveling at speeds…
THOMPSON v. COMMONWEALTH OF VA JULY 7, 1998 Record No. 1498-97-3 HENRY ADOLPHUS THOMPSON v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA OPINION BY JUDGE RICHARD S. BRAY FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CITY OF LYNCHBURG Mosby G. Perrow, III, Judge Present: Judges Bray, Overton and Bumgardner Argued at Salem, Virginia Margaret A. Nelson, Assistant Public Defender,…
Trial Report No. 93-T261 Negligence
Auto Accident – Rear-End Crash – Back Injury Type of Action Personal injury Type of Injuries Bulging disc Name of Case Charlene Langlois v. Timothy Scott McCormick Court/Case No. Norfolk Circuit Court, At Law No. CL92-2967 Judge or Jury Jury Name of Judge Judge Jerome James Special Damages $31,063 medicals; $3,745 lost wages Damages Awarded…
Repairman killed in fiery head-on collision with drunk driver – $6,350,000 Verdict
The decedent was driving a flatbed truck loaded with a forklift at 12:30 p.m. when the defendant tried to cross a double solid yellow line and crashed head-on into the decedent’s truck. The truck then exploded into flames. The decedent was able to extricate himself from the truck, but not before he suffered substantial burns….
Negligence – Auto Accident – Mild Brain Injury – Neuropsychologist – Causation
Although a neuropsychologist’s test results of an auto-accident plaintiff may come into evidence with regard to plaintiff’s claim of mild traumatic brain injury, and the neuropsychologist may testify about the cause of plaintiff’s mental injuries, he may not testify as to causation of plaintiff’s physical human injury, and plaintiff’s motion in limine is granted in…

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