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Cost adjustment in lawyer’s fee award
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2013-08-09
A mortgage borrower won over $11,000 in attorneys fees in his suit alleging a lender failed to timely notify him his loan had been transferred. Won Kim sued under the Truth in Lending Act, and after he accepted an offer of judgment for $4,001, his lawyer asked for fees at an hourly rate of $500….
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 1997-07-21
That heat you’re feeling lately may not just be the summer sweltering. It may be from the fired-up prose in one of Loudoun County Judge James Chamblin’s opinions reported this week. The case is Davison v. FastComm Communications Corp. (VLW 097-8-276). It involves an indemnification agreement between a man and the company he worked…
Category(s): News Stories
Tags: Hearsay
Employment – ERISA – Health Insurance – Attorneys Fees
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2010-09-14
A woman who won her lawsuit alleging her employers denial of health insurance violated ERISAs anti-retaliation provision under 29 U.S.C. 1140 and the Virginia Human Rights Act, wins attorneys fees of $76,673 for the win and $33,140 for sanctions arising from defendant employers denial of health care coverage because of her sex; an Alexandria U.S….
NoVa Rate Chart Supports Lawyers Fee Request
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2014-02-06
Lawyers for a plaintiff who won her Title VII retaliatory discharge claim but lost her claims for sex discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile work environment, along with her state law tort claims, win a fee award of $559,572, which the Alexandria U.S. District Court says is 50 percent of their original request; although plaintiffs claims…
Fees Awarded After Survey of NoVa Fees
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2011-07-11
In recent cases awarding attorneys fees to lawyers in Northern Virginia, a range of analyses shows fees as high as $709 per hour under the Adjusted Laffey Matrix for lawyers with the years of experience of those who won this Miller Act contract case, and the Alexandria U.S. District Court approves the more modest $295…
Contract – False Claims Act – Attorneys Fees – Vexatious Suit
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2010-05-04
A qui tam action filed by a former employee of government contractor IIF Data Solutions, which resulted in a defense verdict after a seven-day trial, was clearly frivolous and vexatious and an Alexandria U.S. District Court awards the contractor $501,546 in attorneys fees and costs. Plaintiff, a former employee of defendant IIF Data Solutions, sued…
Courts Fee Award Less than Laffey Matrix
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2012-09-10
Lawyers based in Washington D.C. who won plaintiff Project Votes suit seeking expanded access to voter registration records, are not entitled to attorneys fees based on their projected hourly rates ranging from $374 for associates up to $734 for partners, and the Norfolk U.S. District Court instead orders hourly fees ranging from $225 for associates…
Corporate – SOX Whistleblower – Attorneys Fees – Rule 68 Offer
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2008-12-15
An employee who accepted defendant corporations $130,000 Rule 68 offer of judgment on his Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower case was a prevailing party, but the 4th Circuit vacates and remands the district courts award of $325,484 in attorneys fees and costs because the offer only covered pre-offer fees and costs and the employees use of his lawyers…
Category(s): Opinion Digests
Environmental – Clean Water Act – Attorney's Fees
Posted by: Virginia Lawyers Weekly on 2001-04-23
Two civil plaintiffs, nonprofit organizations dedicated to the protection of American waterways, who successfully sued the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Administrative Procedures Act, are entitled to $273,411 in attorney’s fees under the fee-shifting provision of the CWA and the ESA, as well as $14,960…
Category(s): Opinion Digests
Employer wins in whistleblower cases
Posted by: Deborah Elkins on 2008-12-05
Employers got some good news Dec. 3 when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals released two Sarbanes-Oxley decisions that favored the businesses. In the first case, Platone v. U.S. Dept of Labor , former airline official Stacy Platone appealed the Department of Labors reversal of her whistleblower award, one of the few whistleblower wins…

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