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Three gain VSB awards
Three Virginia lawyers were recognized for public service during the Virginia State Bar annual meeting June 19 in Virginia Beach. Barry G. Logsdon, a principal in the firm of Mitchell & Logsdon in Newport News received the R. Edwin Burnette Jr. Young Lawyer of the Year Award for his involvement in several projects to…
TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM The eight-lawyer Vienna firm of Condo & Masterman is about to endure a year-long, heady dose of the Virginia State Bar. Joe Condo is the new VSB president and David Masterman is the new chair of the VSB Family Law Section. Masterman was tongue-in-cheek sanguine about the impact on…
How to mess up your job prospects
U.S. News & World Report published a handy list last week: 5 Do’s and Don’ts for College Students Using Social Media. While aimed at college kids, this quick and basic primer on tools such as Facebook and Twitter is useful to (A) parents with a kid in college who may not get it yet,…
Dress Codes: What is the prevailing view about associates appearance?
Another crop of new lawyers has entered the legal workforce in Virginia. We have seen some slight easing of the job crunch: Heres hoping that law firms and other organizations decide that its time to hire and that the new lawyers can put their new law licenses to work. But what type of workplace…
The Weekly Recap
Editor’s Note: The following selected stories appeared in the VLW Daily E-Mail Alert and as featured daily news links on the VLW Web site from Jan. 17 to Jan. 20. The originating source of a story is indicated after the item. The Daily E-Mail Alert is a service available only to subscribers. If you…
Criminal – Murder – Firearm Use – Gang Membership
The Court of Appeals reverses defendants second-degree murder conviction because the trial court erred in refusing to allow defendant to question the jury pool about possible gang affiliations to assess bias, to cross-examine a prosecution witness about gang affiliation and from introducing evidence about the decedents gang affiliation to show his propensity for violence relevant…
No error is found in review of three counts of capital murder and related felony convictions. Issues concerning appointment of defense experts, seating and removal of jurors, admission of evidence, in-court identification testimony, jury instructions and verdict forms, malice, concerted action/joint participation, depravity of mind, lesser included offenses, as well as sufficiency of the evidence, double jeopardy, and mental retardation issues are considered. Sentence proportionality issues are also addressed. The defendant's convictions and death sentences are affirmed….
With PDAs gaining popularity, will laptops be left on the desktop?
The personal digital assistant is gaining momentum as businesses move from the big screens of computers to the mini-screens of handheld devices. A study by Canalys, a high-tech market research company, revealed that global shipments of PDAs or what the company refers to as smart mobile devices (handhelds and smart phones) was up 105…
Judge: Blue-Haired Boy Can Return To School
A Surry County High School student whose blue hair got him suspended in a safety crackdown can finish the school year but must submit to a daily weapons search before entering the building, a federal judge has ruled. U.S. District Judge Robert Payne agreed June 3 to grant 16-year-old Kent McNew’s request for a…
Meth Makers Statement Was Voluntary
Although defendant claimed to be intoxicated, suffering from sleep deprivation and worried about his wifes recent cancer diagnosis when questioned by officers just after execution of a search warrant for a meth lab at the residence, the Abingdon U.S. District Court magistrate judge finds that defendants will was not overborne and recommends denying defendants motion…

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