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Gibney approval delayed

Richmond lawyer John A. Gibney Jr. was scheduled to cruise through the Senate Judiciary Committee at a routine meeting yesterday morning, but Chariman Pat Leahy, D-Vt., was unable to round up a quorum. Gibney is back on the docket for ...

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Juror Feedback: Research after a verdict can educate counsel for next time (access required)

After the conclusion of a trial, lawyers often want to ask jurors a simple question: How did I do? The lawyer who lost the case may particularly want to know how the juror reached its conclusion and why, so she ...

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Homeowners must arbitrate basketball goal dispute (access required)

A Loudoun County homeowners association was required to arbitrate a dispute with property owners over whether the owners could install a basketball goal on their property, the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled today in an unpublished order. The property owners ...

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Sanctions for persistence reversed (access required)

What part of no don’t you understand? Chesterfield lawyer Richard C. Ferris II tried four times to get a circuit judge to set aside a default judgment entered against his client – the original pleading, a motion to reconsider, a ...

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Cigarette makers challenge new reg (access required)

A cigarette maker wants to introduce a new brand of smoke called “Tucson.” There’s one problem: An auto company already makes a car called a “Tucson,” and a new federal reg gets in the way. Renegade Tobacco is one of ...

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