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McLaughlin voted 2009 ‘Leader of the Year’ (access required)

Henry W. McLaughlin III thought he wanted to be a journalist, but his experience as a reporter for the Farmville bureau of the Richmond Times-Dispatch convinced him that he wasn’t cut out for the job. He breached journalistic protocol by ...

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Jurors expect tech, but still want evidence ‘live’ (access required)

You may save money by having your witnesses testify by video deposition but at a significant cost in terms of juror attention and respect for your case. That may be especially true if the other side elects to put on ...

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Proposed jury secrecy rule revised

The Advisory Committee on Rules of Court has backed off from its original proposal to have jurors in criminal court identified only by number as a matter of course. The original draft had drawn criticism from newspapers, the Virginia Coalition ...

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VSB backs payee notification rule (access required)

WILLIAMSBURG—The Virginia State Bar Council has endorsed payee notification in a sharp reversal of a vote just two years ago. The vote on Oct. 16 was 39-25 in favor compared with 54-7 in opposition in 2007. Such stalwarts of the ...

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