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Taming the email beast once and for all (access required)

Email FEA

Let’s face it: We need email. But we also need a way to control the beast that email can become. It is estimated that almost 30 percent of our workday is consumed by dealing with email. How do we tame ...

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Building business, relationships on the links (access required)


Is business still happening on the golf course today? Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes. Craig Smith, who has more than 35 years’ experience in sales in New Jersey and the tri-state area, has been an avid golfer for 25 years. ...

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In selecting jurors, smart can be overrated (access required)


Jury selection is about identifying biases, and whenever we think about biases, we need to look at our own biases first. The desire to have a smart jury is es­pecially common among defense teams in civil and criminal trials. It ...

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In the ‘Spotlight’ (access required)


For just the second time in his life, Jim Scanlan stood in front of a crowded room and described what it was like to be abused by a Boston priest when he was a teenager. Scanlan told his story during ...

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Urgent care centers hold tight to niche for fast, efficient care


In the 1970s, enterprising physicians began opening their practices after-hours to patients suffering minor ailments without an appointment. Patients avoided expensive emergency rooms, and they didn’t have to endure long waits to see their family doctors. The idea stuck. Shifting ...

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Using your client’s authenticity in mediation (access required)


It’s relatively easy to recall your tri­al victories when the jury identified with your client. They’re probably some of your best results. How did that happen? On a superficial level, there is a signif­icant body of evidence showing that ju­rors ...

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