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N.C. DUI convictions no predicate (access required)

A person cannot be adjudicated an habitual offender in Virginia based upon predicate drunken driving convictions in North Carolina, the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. The commonwealth may use DUI convictions from another state in habitual offender proceedings, but ...

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Practice tip: Adding spice to direct (access required)

Picture a great lawyer examining a witness. Whether you pictured Perry Mason, F. Lee Bailey, or perhaps yourself, you probably pictured a lawyer grilling an adverse witness who was sweating bullets and eventually blurted out the truth – not a ...

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Practice Tip: Converting a hostile venire member (access required)

You are conducting voir dire in a million-dollar case where you represent the driver of an 18-wheeler who ran over a Nissan on the road, killing its driver and all of its passengers. You ask the venire, “How many believe ...

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