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Civil Rights – Election Law – Independent Candidate – Petition – Residency (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court dismisses a would-be congressional candidate’s constitutional challenge to a Virginia statute that imposes a district residency requirement for persons circulating petitions for independent candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. At issue is the requirement ...

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Employment Discrimination – Title VII – Exhaustion Of Remedies (access required)

An African-American Director of IT services for defendant financial company waited too long to file an EEOC charge alleging discrimination resulting from removal of his supervisory responsibilities, and neither that race discrimination claim nor his age discrimination claim can survive ...

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Judge sets record for radio quiz show

It wasn’t even the “lightning round” of a popular radio quiz show. But a Juilliard-trained judge from Richmond just became the “fastest contestant in six years” of play on NPR’s “PT Piano Puzzler” with Bruce Adolphe. Every Wednesday, composer Adolphe ...

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Court upholds warrantless GPS use

The warrantless placement of a GPS tracking device under the bumper of a work van driven by a registered sex offender did not violate his Fourth Amendment rights, the Virginia Court of Appeals said today. In Foltz v. Commonwealth, an ...

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