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Wills & Trusts – Executor’s Mistake – Estate Reimbursement (access required)

An executor who mistakenly gave $5,000 from his aunt’s estate to a cousin, when the bequest was meant for the cousin’s same-name father or his mother, wins a $5,000 judgment against the cousin in this Fairfax Circuit Court case. The ...

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Workers’ Comp – Authorized Physician – Wrist Injury (access required)

Where claimant’s initial treating physician referred him on to other physicians for treatment of his fractured wrist, which eventually required surgery, the Court of Appeals says the physicians to whom claimant was referred also were authorized treating physicians and employer ...

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Domestic Relations – Adultery – Phone Messages – Property Classification (access required)

A trail of sexy phone messages to his tennis-club girlfriend, an overnight stay with her, and husband’s stash of Viagra in his truck, despite telling his wife that Viagra would not help him, all support the trial court finding that ...

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